Fragrance of the First Flower (2021)

- Narrative Series

6 episodes x 15min

Writer & Director

Yi-Ming, whose husband works outside of town, lives alone with her son. After years apart, she reconnects with Ting-Ting at a wedding, a girl she was intimate with back in high school. The encounter with Ting-Ting not only sets Yi-Ming free from her oppressive marriage, but also reawakens her feelings for Ting-Ting. Nowthat Taiwan has finally legalized same-sex marriage, will Yi-Ming have the courage to change her life ?

2021 Series Mania Short Forms Competition
2021 Tokyo International Film Festival TIFF Series Program
2021 Variety's 'Best International Tv Shows' 2021
2021 Deutschland Munich’s Seriencamp
2020 Taicca X Gagaoolala Pitching Sessions Gold Prize

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